Steadicam with Peter Mickelsen

Steadicam Camera Operator for Satellite Drop

Peter Mickelsen was our Assistant Camera person and Steadicam camera operator. He’s known for his work on Peace By PieceThe Wandmaker SeriesCrowdSorcery, and more.

Satellite Drop is a short film based on the true story of a young US Marine on his first tour of duty in Scotland. PFC Johnston (played by J Vasko-Benezek) and Sergeant Wright (played by Justin Savage) are tasked with Satellite Drop Duty. Their task takes them from one end of the base to the other to retrieve a canister of intelligence and deliver it to the Watch Officer (played by Jennie Olson Six) before time runs out.

Peter Mickelsen

  • Also seen in the video:
    Bill Bork, Director of Photography
  • Michael Brueggemeyer, Assistant Director
  • Stephanie Scurry, Gaffer
  • Joseph Vasko-Bezenek, PFC Michael Johnston
  • Justin Savage, Sgt Greg Wright
Satellite Drop