Arabic Voice Actors Needed

Formal Arabic Voice Roles:

Harbor Master: Male, formal Arabic speaker. The Harbor Master maintains a calm demeanor over the radio to a ship captain.  Need voice work and translation. Will receive voice actor and language consultant credit.
* The Arabic speakers in this film are not terrorists.

Ship Captain: Male, formal Arabic speaker.  The captain looses it when a warning shot is fired across the bow of his ship. Will receive voice actor and language consultant credit.

USMC Voice Role:

USMC Drill Sergeant: Male.  To do a ‘Welcome to Parris Island’ speech. * US Marine Corps experience preferred.

Send bio, links to reels  and video auditions to:

“Satellite Drop” is a narrative indie short shooting in San Diego. We will be recording the audio on an evening or weekend in June.


The Satellite Drop is a short film based on the true story of a signal intelligence Marine during the early 1990s. This comedy, about a prank the Marines play on “the new guy” is set against the backdrop of the Iraq War and the end of the Cold War.

This low budget, non-union project has a professional crew attached. Credit and clips for reels will be provided.

3 Replies to “Arabic Voice Actors Needed”

  1. I was a SIGINT Marine in Scotland 1990-1992.
    There was only a few of us.
    And I was part of this prank on many occasions.
    Which one of us originated the story?
    I’m excited to see this.
    Semper Fi

    1. Tom, great to hear from you. Mike Johnston is my brother-in-law and the story’s source, along with Greg Wright. I love hearing the story every time Mike tells it. What was your part in the prank? Thanks, L. V. O’Connell

      1. Mike was one of my best friends at one time. In fact, he was in my wedding.
        We went through Parris Island, the School of infantry, and our intelligence school at Ft. Devens MA. All four years of his enlistment were with me.
        However, Mike & Greg we’re in a separate shift doing the same job while we were in Scotland. That prank, among others, were well used on many new Marines to the unit.
        Good luck with the film and I look forward to seeing it.
        Tom Smith
        CWO2 USMC Retired.

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