Satellite Drop Trailer

Leirigh Films Releases First Trailer for Satellite Drop

As part of their Marine Corps birthday celebrations today, Leirigh Films released the first trailer for their new film, Satellite Drop.

The film, about a young US Marine (PFC Johnston, played by J Vasko-Bezenek) on his first tour of duty, takes place in  Scotland. Johnston and Sergeant Wright (played by Justin Savage) are tasked with SAT Drop Duty. The task takes them from one end of the base to the other to retrieve a canister of intelligence and deliver it to the Watch Officer (played by Jennie Olson Six) before time runs out.

Cpl. Joshi (Deepti Kingra) translates in Satellite Drop trailer
SSgt. Kegann (Hilliard Joshua Meeks) listens to Cpl. Joshi (Deepti Kingra) translate radio traffic as Cpl. Evans (Dillon Hoban) and PFC Johnston (J Vasko-Bezenek) eavesdrop in the film Satellite Drop.

Leirigh Films a production company based in San Diego creating inspiring, meaningful, and educational films.

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