Satellite Drop is a short film based on the true story of a Signal Intelligence Marine in the 1990’s, on his first deployment in Scotland.


Arabic Voice Actors Needed

Formal Arabic Voice Roles: Harbor Master: Male, formal Arabic speaker. The Harbor Master maintains a calm demeanor over the radio to a ship captain.  Need voice work and translation. Will receive voice actor and language consultant credit. * The Arabic speakers in this film are not terrorists. Ship Captain: Male, formal Arabic speaker.  The captain looses it when a warning shot …

Casting Call SAT-DROP Film

Casting Call Female Marine Role: Private First Class: 18-24, female. This resillient new Marine sees the bigger and better prank and becomes the newest member of the team. Send bio, headshots, links to reels  and video auditions to:  casting@leirighfilms.com USMC experience preferred. “Satellite Drop” is a narrative indie short shooting in San Diego. SYNOPSIS The Satellite Drop is …

Cast & Crew

L. V. O’Connell, Director
O’Connelll has worked on numerous award winning film projects including: Loser, Blindness, Assessing Alan, and the feature film Mnemophrenia. O’Connell’s latest film, The Answer, screened at Festival de Cannes 2017. 

Michael Brueggemeyer
Michael Brueggemeyer is a multi-Emmy Award winning director and writer. He has won Best Film and Best Director for the films The List, Just a Man, The Heiress Lethal and Coverage. The Heiress Lethal and Coverage were Official Selections of the Festival de Cannes.

Michael Johnston, Author, Consultant
Cpl. USMC (former) 

Greg Wright, Author, Consultant
Sgt USMC (former) 

Annette Cyr, Producer

Bill Bork, Director of Photography
Bill Bork has won Best Cinematography for Inmate 14658, The Heiress Lethal and Just A Man. The Heiress Lethal,  Coverage, and The Answer were Official Selections of the Festival de Cannes.
Lens Flair

Frank Forth, Sound
Frank Forth is known for his work on Go Out in Violet Waters, Last Days in Vietnam, and Coverage. The Heiress Lethal,  Coverage, and The Answer were Official Selections of the Festival de Cannes.

Michael T. Johnston, Consultant
Cpl. USMC (former)

Stephen T. Johnston, Consultant
Sgt. USMC (former)